Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching: Uniquely Crafted to You

I work with my clients to notice patterns, get curious and rewrite their narratives. One of my favorite tools is a process I developed out of years of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practice. I call it the RiF Process (RiFlect+RiFrame+RiFocus). Humans are constantly riffing and playing with ideas. And the same is true here. Years have gone into the development of a process that is completely forward focused, exploring your thoughts, and helping you to clear out the static that stops you from meeting your goals and dreams.

This is a coaching process. It is about getting unstuck and moving forward. RiF is a transformative. I have witnessed how profoundly people develop awareness, move past painful sticking points, and rewire neural networks at the same time.

As a coaching tool RiF will help you work through stuck places directly, yet with ease. Supporting the change process to happen more quickly. This process allows you to create a Future Vision that resonates with what you want for your life.

You have the opportunity to notice the Negative Narratives that are showing up, and craft a Positive Narrative that you are working towards that supports your future vision.

At its core, coaching is about rich conversations, two people working together towards your goal, being your thought partner, and asking questions to support your developing awareness.

Individual Coaching: for Personal and Professional Development.

Are you ready to get curious about your stories and get yourself unstuck?

With StoryJacking you have the opportunity to get curious, create purpose, and empower yourself to live your most authentic life, so you can define your impact on the world.

The request I make of you is that you are willing to give yourself 12 sessions to see changes. It is very challenging to break old narratives in less than 6 months. It’s a commitment to change when you make a 6-month agreement with yourself. We will re-evaluate along the way, making sure that you’re getting what you need. 

Signs You’re Ready for Coaching:

  • You’re stuck, spinning your wheels, and stalled out on making a decision.
  • Finding yourself in a swirling, you’re ready for the madness to stop.
  • Old stories keep getting in the way as you try to move forward.
  • You want highly personalized Coaching to focus on You, your specific goals, and your specific story.

What are you waiting for?

StoryJacking Offer

I offer ​30-45 minute sessions every other week, for approximately six months, as my baseline engagement. I also have clients who like weekly sessions.

You would be amazed at what you can accomplish in this amount of time. If you need more time, when we are getting close to completion, we can discuss continuing our work.

I offer my clients what I want from my own coach.
Simple, comprehensive, flexible and straightforward.

  • We will meet by Zoom and develop your goals for coaching.
  • We will look at the stories that are supporting you and also the stories that are getting in the way of your goals.
  • We will work on StoryJacking: shifting and transforming the stories that are no longer of service to your goals, your personal growth, and develop new storylines for your success.
  • We can use the RiF process to create new neural networks and rewrite your stories. Or we can use many other tools that I have in my handy bag of experience, to support you moving forward.
  • You will have complimentary text and email access for quick questions between sessions.
  • You will have a set of Action items at the end of each session.
  • We will begin each session by finding out where you are, what your insights are, and what you want to focus on.
  • This is your coaching and you are at complete choice for how you need to move towards your goals. We will explore anything that’s getting in the way of your progress.
  • You will have access to many tools and worksheets to explore and develop your awareness.

What I bring to the table:

My coaching practice is boutique. I keep it that way so that my individual clients get a high degree of support. This also leaves room for my work as an author, a mentor coach, and a faculty member with inviteCHANGE. My rates reflect this.

What I offer is the following:

  1. I have a high degree of training and experience that will support you at a deep level to rewrite your narrative.
  2. I developed and am using the RiF Process with clients to engage your internal wisdom and help you get unstuck.
  3. This bi-lateral process supports you as you rewire your brain around your tough, tight and tender topics. Allowing you to move forward in your life with more ease and less suffering.
  4. I ask that client commit to 12 sessions for several reasons. One, it honors your natural change process; and Two, provides you with the best outcome long-term.
  5. Trust and Safety take time, and having the space to develop our relationship, allows both you and I, to be fully present in our work together.


  • Well, it depends… yep, I wish I had a solid number for you. I believe that the first step is for us to determine if we resonate and if we even want to work together.
  • From the place of a solid “Yes” we can determine what feels fair to both of us.
  • I have a sliding scale. What is financially easy for one person, might be beyond extravagant to another. That’s a conversation worth having.
  • What I know is that we treat with value those things that we invest in. And, the cost of coaching reflects a clear and decisive investment in yourself.