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In this enlightening episode, host Lyssa sits down with the esteemed coach and author Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, MCC, unveiling the layers behind sustainable success. Marilyn shares her inspiring journey, which began with a life-changing article on Systems Theory, in 1998, sparking her venture into coaching. Together, they explore the intriguing world of systems theory, shedding light on its vital role in both coaching and organizational dynamics.

The three main areas they covered were:

  • Cultural Intelligence and Systems Theory: Marilyn O’hearne shared her expertise in cultural intelligence and the application of systems theory in coaching and organizational management, emphasizing how these concepts shape communication, partnerships, and the overall coaching process.
  • Client-Led Coaching and Professional Development: Partnership and how we aware of ourselves in our coaching to invite the client to The discussion highlighted the importance of client-led coaching, with a focus on active listening and creating a supportive environment. They also delved into the continuous journey of learning and development in the coaching profession, including the balance between authentic marketing and professional growth.
  • Personal Insights on Biases and Self-Care: Both Marilyn and Lyssa shared personal experiences related to biases, assumptions, and self-care strategies. They stressed the significance of recognizing and challenging personal biases and the necessity of self-care practices to prevent burnout, especially in demanding professions like coaching.

Experience the essence of client-led coaching through their exchange. They highlight the importance of active listening and creating a supportive environment for clients. And stay tuned because as the episode draws to a close, Marilyn shares her recommendation for coaches to read and enjoy.

Marilyn’s Books and Recommendations!

With Marilyn acting as their visionary thought partner, coaches, leaders, and teams move from the uncertainty of our rapidly changing, culturally complex world to the clarity, focus, confidence, and innovation needed to unlock potential so all can live in prosperity and peace (her vision). By identifying and developing strengths and renewing vision, coaches, leaders, and their organizations achieve sustainable goals with expanded capacity rather than burnout and loss. With her big picture, systemic approach, centered listening, and honest, compassionate truth-telling, trust and fresh perspectives are quickly generated.

Marilyn has been described as a “gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time,” by a program participant. A globally experienced coach since 1998 (40+ countries), mentor coach since 2003, certified coaching supervisor, and popular podcast guest and speaker, Marilyn is a recognized thought leader and advocate for CQ (cultural intelligence); authoring Breaking Free from Bias, as well as contributing to Law and Ethics in Coaching (“The Intersection of Culture and Ethics”), The Successful Mind (“Developing a Cultural Mindset for Success”), Humanity@Work, Creative Reflective Practice: Global perspectives for critical reflection, Coaching by the Book, and countless articles and video blogs.

Her award-winning experience includes WBECS, EthicalCoach Ethiopia, coaching United Nations leaders, Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior and International Business in Hong Kong and Malaysia, living in Brazil and Spain, and serving as Director of Education for a nonprofit (NGO) in Brazil as well as six years as Director, Global Board for the International Coach Federation and two years for the Association of Coach Training Organizations. “It is impossible to not work interculturally!”

About the Host

Lyssa deHart ditched her therapy practice to become a Leadership Confidence Coach. Along the way she discovered a passion for professional coaching and wanted to find ways to share that passion with the world. Come join her in discovering and meeting some of the most amazing professional coaches on the planet. Her goal is to inspire coaches. Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life and The Reflective CoachLyssa is an ICF PCC Assessor, Certified Mentor Coach, and budding Coach SuperVisor. Lyssa uses her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, to work with people to become extraordinary professional coaches. Let’s Go!

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