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In the latest episode of the Coaching Studio, Lyssa had the pleasure of chatting with Lucia Baldelli, an MCC and a seasoned agile coach who has navigated the journey from being a software delivery expert to a professional coach. Lucia brought to light her transformative shift from the pursuit of mastery to embracing artistry within the coaching realm. She spoke of transcending the need to get “it right,” focusing instead on being present and creatively employing coaching competencies to truly connect with another human being.

The conversation delved into the core theme of vulnerability in coaching. Lucia recounted her personal narrative of relocating her family to a new country, a leap that brought about a heightened sense of vulnerability and an openness to relinquish control—a trait she believes is vital in the world of coaching. This personal leap further reinforced her belief in valuing freedom over stability, an ethos that now informs her approach to coaching.

The conversation also dipped into the role of assumptions in coaching, underscoring the significance of cultivating curiosity and minimizing biases to fully comprehend the unique context of each client. Both Lucia and Lyssa discussed the power of observable data, such as body language, in discerning a client’s emotional state, illustrating how this data serves as a gateway to deeper understanding. We hope you enjoy the show!

Lucia’s and Book Recommendation!

Detox your Ego
Improv Your Life

Lucia Baldelli is an ICF MCC credentialled coach, co-author of The Human Behind the Coach.

Lucia is a distinguished figure in the coaching world, ranking third globally in the Agile space. With over two decades of experience in Organizational Coaching, she has honed her skills in multicultural environments, becoming fluent in three languages.

Lucia is the visionary founder of Coaching Outside the Box, a coaching school dedicated to unleashing human potential through innovative coaching techniques.


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Lyssa deHart ditched her therapy practice to become a Leadership Confidence Coach. Along the way she discovered a passion for professional coaching and wanted to find ways to share that passion with the world. Come join her in discovering and meeting some of the most amazing professional coaches on the planet. Her goal is to inspire coaches. Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking, the Reflective Coach, and Light Up: The Science of Coaching with Metaphors. Lyssa is an ICF PCC Assessor, Certified Mentor Coach, and budding Coach SuperVisor. Lyssa uses her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, to work with people to become extraordinary professional coaches. Let's Go!
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