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In this podcast episode, listeners are invited into a dynamic conversation with Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC. Lyssa warmly recalls meeting Jean-Francois at an international conference, paving the way for an exploration of his unique journey from aspiring orchestra conductor to a leader in coaching.

Through anecdotes and reflections, Jean-Francois unveils the struggles and joys of pioneering coaching in Asia, emphasizing the importance of genuine engagement, avoiding a demeanor of desperation, and truly valuing potential clients. Additionally, the conversation dives into the essence of effective coaching, where the art of simplicity, presence, and non-verbal communication takes center stage.


  • The Art of Engagement: The importance of genuine engagement, avoiding any aura of desperation, and genuinely valuing every potential client.
  • Essence of Effective Coaching: Emphasis on simplicity, being present, and the significance of non-verbal communication.
  • Power of Intention: Drawing inspiration from art and quantum physics, the conversation highlights the transformative impact of intention and being truly present with clients.

Lyssa and JF, with a theme of simplicity and mastery, delve into the power of intention and the pivotal role of being truly present with clients. This episode promises to be a goldmine of insights and innovative ideas for those intrigued by coaching. Tune in to unearth the deep nuances of coaching and its transformative potential for both individuals and businesses.

JF’s Book and two books he contributed to – Go check them out!

Jean-François Cousin became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a management career around the world with a Fortune-500 company. By March ’23, he had clocked in 15,000 coaching hours, served over 1,500 executives and dozens of executive teams, and traveled to 35 countries / 5 continents to work with them.

Jean-François is also a keynote speaker and has engaged hundreds of audiences around the world. Thought-provoking and entertaining, his speeches blend insightful story-telling from his corporate and coaching experiences, energizing and inspiring activities for the audience, and irresistible ‘calls-for-action.’

Jean-Francois served as the Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coaching Federation and as a Director from 2017 to 2020.

He believes that each person and team has the potential for greatness and makes it his mission to support leaders and teams in catalyzing their growth.

Jean-François is particularly successful with CEOs and senior leaders due to his prior career as a senior executive and his ability to understand their environment and pressure-points quickly. His specific areas of expertise include leadership coaching, onboarding for CEOs and senior leaders, executive transition, strategic planning, and cross-cultural management.

Jean-François also coaches executive teams on trust and productive conflict, effective collaboration, agility, and change management.

He authored the book Game Changers at the Circus—How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organizations, coauthored several other books, and regularly writes for other media.

His previous professional roles include executive positions with P&L responsibility. In his last corporate assignment, Jean-François was strategy vice president for one of the four divisions of Lafarge, a leading multinational company in the building materials industry. He helped anchor solid internal and external growth while the business strengthened its presence worldwide, and he coached 32 managing directors over five continents.

Jean-François holds an MSc. in engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris and has been accredited by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach since 2012. He is certified in several assessments, including MBTI®, DISC, Hogan & Booth 360.

Art as another way of exploring mastery:

Artist Sophie Pollack

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