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Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of coaching? Host Lyssa sits down with Hannah Finrow, a certified coach, founder of Avenue Coaching, and Director of Education at Coach Training EDU, in an enlightening conversation that promises to elevate your coaching game. Hannah, who embarked on her coaching journey following a near-death experience, opens up about her transformative personal growth and how she learned to trust God’s plan.

The episode explores the critical importance of “The Pause” in coaching practice. Both Hannah and Lyssa share invaluable insights on how pausing to process thoughts or giving clients space to make deeper connections can dramatically enhance the coaching experience. Building on this theme of pausing, they discuss its role in fostering intentional coaching sessions. They examine how allowing space for clients not only aids in their immediate goals but also helps them connect those goals to their broader life’s purpose.

But that’s not all. The duo delves into the vital role of understanding a client’s values in the coaching process. With compelling anecdotes and references to psychological studies like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they agree that identifying values is pivotal for self-directed change.

In addition, the conversation ventures into the realm of value-driven communication in relationships. Hannah reveals how her own values influence her communication style, particularly with her husband and clients. The discussion emphasizes the need for intentionality in our connections and decisions, even touching upon the often-tricky territory of people-pleasing.

Finally, the podcast focuses on the significance of active listening and self-care in coaching. Hannah underscores the ongoing learning process involved in coaching and shares her passion project on ‘Business Well-being,’ aimed at promoting self-care among business owners. She also recommends the book ‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller for those interested in enhancing their coaching communication skills. This episode is a treasure trove of coaching wisdom, from personal anecdotes to thoughtful insights.

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Hannah Finrow is an ICF Master Certified Coach, National Board Certified NBC-HWC, ICF Registered Mentor Coach, Director of Education, Coach Trainer, and Assessor with Coach Training EDU, an ICF-accredited training school. In addition to her work with CTEDU, Hannah is the Founder of Avenue Coaching where she coaches and mentors coaches and empathetic business owners to help them bridge the gap between business and being themselves. Hannah first encountered coaching in 2010 as a client and “fell in love at first conversation”. She was deeply impacted by the power of pause and by being empowered to find her own perspective after struggling with people-pleasing her whole life. In 2013, Hannah started coaching professionally after having a near death experience. She has coached over 5000+ coaching hours with over 250 clients and achieved her MCC credential in 2018 at 27 years old, one of the youngest in the field. When she’s not coaching, Hannah spends time with her family (husband and two boys, ages 4 and 6), friends, reading a book or writing.

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Lyssa deHart ditched her therapy practice to become a Leadership Confidence Coach. Along the way she discovered a passion for professional coaching and wanted to find ways to share that passion with the world. Come join her in discovering and meeting some of the most amazing professional coaches on the planet. Her goal is to inspire coaches. Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life and The Reflective CoachLyssa is an ICF PCC Assessor, Certified Mentor Coach, and budding Coach SuperVisor. Lyssa uses her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, to work with people to become extraordinary professional coaches. Let’s Go!

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