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In this podcast interview, Lyssa deHart and Adam Quiney covered a range of topics relevant to coaching and personal development. The discussion touched upon the following key themes:

  1. Adam’s Coaching Journey: Adam shared his transition from careers in project management and law to coaching, underscoring the importance of continuous learning, curiosity, and self-awareness. He emphasized the challenges and rewards of this path.
  2. The Human Need for Validation and Self-Awareness: The conversation delved into the universal need for validation and the significance of self-awareness, particularly in leadership roles. They discussed ontological coaching and the role of vulnerability in fostering trust.
  3. Managing Stress and Creativity: Adam spoke about his strategies for stress management and self-care, including taking regular time off. They also explored the creative process, especially in writing, and the challenges of maintaining discipline and handling perfectionism.
  4. Coaching Experiences and Feedback: Adam and Lyssa shared their experiences in coaching and writing, focusing on the emotional aspects and the importance of not being overly attached to clients’ potential. They also discussed the critical role of feedback in personal and professional growth.
  5. Leadership and Coaching Challenges: The dialogue covered the nature of leadership, the pitfalls of cultism in leadership, and the distinction based on a leader’s self-work. They talked about the unique challenges in coaching, including work-life balance and the transition from hourly rates to a monthly program in coaching services.
  6. The Uniqueness of Coaching: Adam emphasized the unique aspects of coaching, its incomparability to other services, and the journey of adjusting coaching rates and understanding clients’ life visions. They both acknowledged the challenges faced by coaches in transitioning from traditional pricing models.

Enjoy this conversation. It was a deep dive into various aspects of coaching, personal development, leadership, and the creative process, with insights drawn from Adam’s experiences.

Adam’s Books and Book Recommendations!

Adam Quiney, MCC is the author of Too Smart to Know Better: Leadership for the Smartest Person in the Room and Who Do You Think You Are?: A leader’s guide to what the mirror doesn’t show you. Adam is an executive leadership coach specializing in working with the Smartest People in the Room. A former software developer and attorney, Adam learned the hard way about the costs of keeping your heart safe and chasing after external rewards to feel whole and complete. From love, Adam connects passion, presence, wit, and brilliance. From fear, he is awkward, robotic, apathetic, irrelevant, and arrogant. He’s learned to embrace all these parts of himself and works with others to do the same in their own lives. Living with his beautiful wife and their dog in Victoria, B.C., He is a man on a mission to bring the world to a more inspired and fully-expressed place.

About the Host

Lyssa deHart ditched her therapy practice to become a Leadership Confidence Coach. Along the way she discovered a passion for professional coaching and wanted to find ways to share that passion with the world. Come join her in discovering and meeting some of the most amazing professional coaches on the planet. Her goal is to inspire coaches. Lyssa is the author of StoryJacking, the Reflective Coach, and Light Up: The Science of Coaching with Metaphors. Lyssa is an ICF PCC Assessor, Certified Mentor Coach, and budding Coach SuperVisor. Lyssa uses her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, to work with people to become extraordinary professional coaches. Let's Go!
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