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Welcome to the Coaching Studio Podcast

This podcast features fun and lively conversations with masterful coaches who are creating an impact. Get to know them, their journey into coaching, and discover what wisdom they would offer other coaches about being a better coach. Let’s go!

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Hey there, Lyssa here. I am excited to introduce the podcast.


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Hey there. Lyssa deHart here.

Welcome to the coaching studio, my new podcast series where I talk to professional coaches and those in the profession of helping people make sustainable changes, all people who are out there in the world creating impact.

I’ve really structured this podcast based on James Lipton’s, the Actors Studio. I love the give and take and fun conversational style that he had with people. I’m bringing that to these conversations with professional coaches and those who are making an impact.

The goal is to give you a glimpse behind the window of who they really are, what informed their curiosities, and how they may share wisdom with you, so that you too can become a coach with impact.

I hope you enjoy these lively conversations.

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