Have you ever gotten gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe, and every step you take, you feel that little sticking feeling? You know you could clean the gum off your shoe, but you’re going to try to ignore it and wait for it to wear off. Every step you take, you feel that sticking and it bugs you, but not quite enough to stop and do something about it. Life dreams don’t work quite like that.

A client came to coaching with a common complaint. He was in a general state of dissatisfaction. There wasn’t one big thing he could put his finger on, so he was tossing up all sorts of ideas to make sense of his experience, his job, his girlfriend, his time management, his [insert here] you know the drill.

I’m stuck.

As we talked there seemed to be a theme emerging, he was busy going through the day to day functions of his life, spinning his wheels, stuck working really hard and not finding the life experience that he wanted.

He said, “My plate is full, and I don’t like my meal. It’s like I am furiously spinning my wheels and getting no closer to where I want to be.”
I asked, “What are you ready to take off your plate; so that you have space to put on your plate what would stop the spinning wheels?”
“I don’t know.” was his response.

This sparked my curiosity. What are you putting up with, or holding onto, in your life, that isn’t fulfilling you? And, is it time to look at your plate and decide what nourishes your souls versus what either does little to nothing or keeps your wheels spinning?

Your list might look like:

  • That extra 10 pounds.
  • Not having that conversation.
  • Not prioritizing xyz.
  • That unmade choice.
  • That unrealized dream.
  • Those avoidance techniques you use.

After we sat in silence for a bit, I said, “I challenge you to create a list of 25 things that you are putting up with, in your life.”

What’s on your list?

Take 30 minutes and write down 25 things keeping you stuck? No editing, just write them down.

By noticing what you’re putting up with, or holding onto, that is keeping you stuck, you can begin to get curious about where to focus that will light you up instead.

When you notice that feeling of dissatisfaction, it’s your life shouting at you to pay attention. Most people ignore that and just tuck their heads down and muddle forward. Yet, given that you have this LIFE that you are living, and at this moment you are dissatisfied, why the heck would you choose to ignore yourself?

Life is shouting at you, listen to the wake-up call. It may feel uncomfortable to re-evaluate your direction, your path, or your choices. It may feel scary to look at what you’re putting up with and make changes. And still, this is the only way to the other side of dissatisfaction. You are going to have to step through the discomfort. Winston Churchill famously said, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” He was right, because that the way out of Hell, to find your passion, to make a decision that leads you in the direction you want to go.

Your turn…

I would love to hear from YOU.

So let me know:

  • In what way are you keeping yourself stuck?
  • What’s at risk if you continue doing this?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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