Let’s begin with the idea that there two types of clarity that we’ll explore. The clarity you feel when you know and are comfortable, deep in your bones, with who you are as a human being. And, the clarity you experience when you have a compelling vision of what you want; the vision that is a manifestation of your dreams. Both are crucial to the story of your life that you are crafting. Because with every choice and each experience you have, you are gaining valuable information.

Who Are You.

So, let’s begin with Who Are You? Yes, I know you have a name, parents, friends, other humans nearby, you live somewhere, and you’re a person. Still, let’s dig a little deeper.

Who are you?

I’m a this or a that, I do XYZ, I am married or in a committed relationship with that person. Yes, that’s true too.

Who are you?

This is the spot to take some time. Breathe deeply into your belly. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “Who am I?”

Allow your most trusted voice to remind you of who you are, at the core of you. That spark of light that is interconnected with all things. The part of you that trusts in your own value. What are the dreams of this self? How courageous are you willing to be, in the pursuit of those dreams? And, what is your “why” for manifesting these dreams?

What You Want.

An Airplane takes off in Seattle heading somewhere… Where will it end up? That’s the million-dollar question. Ask yourself, are you one of the lucky 1% of the entire population, who can just coddiwomple to the destination of your choice?

Coddiwomple {English slang word} ~ (v.) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

Were you born, knowing what you want? Or, are you like me and the remaining 99% of people, who have to create a goal, get fired up and passionate about the destination, do the work? Then, often times, keep working it because it didn’t happen instantly, to get to your dream?

I am not typically a betting person, but I am going to guess, you’re like me, and part of the 99%. We have a dream and we know ourselves enough to trust that we can work like the dickens in the pursuit of the dream.  And, we are sitting in our powerful “yes” about getting where we want to be.

You will hear this often: intention + attention = manifestation


Reincarnation… I can’t prove, nor am I interested in proving, reincarnation. Still, what I have seen repeatedly, is that we reincarnate past wounds, past patterns, and past experiences into the now. And, until we find a way to name, grieve, let go, learn from, and/or celebrate them it’s difficult to navigate through them. Those buggers keep showing up.

I’m reminded of the Rumi quote, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

It is a transformative mindset. To see the wound as the space for growth. The idea that the darkness that can feel like we are buried is really only that we have been planted. Our job, our journey is to grow. I am also reminded that none of us “grows” without having to expand in some manner. Growth, in this regard, is mind-expanding. To know oneself is the ultimate gift to give yourself. To build a foundation of self-trust, of self awareness, and then to give yourself permission to be who you truly are… I can’t even think of anything that is more enriching to a life.

Drawing on Strengths and Values to Push through Fear.

Developing yourself, growing and learning from challenges. Holding consciously to the vision, all the while having clear and realistic expectations.

I wish I could wake up tomorrow and run a marathon… actually, I don’t wish that, but let’s say I do. Given that I don’t run, how likely am I going to be in making that marathon thing happen? Hint: I am not in the 1% on this one either. Yet, if this is a dream, what are the realistic and clear steps I am going to need to consider and then act on?

I have never run a marathon, but I have grown plenty of big audacious dreams to flowering. And, there is always the place in the journey that it would be easier to give up. You wake up and it’s too hard. The gremlins start asking, “why the hell are we doing this?” The bed is so comfy, and I would rather sleep in and read, or play bejeweled, or whatever.

What character strength do you have that you can use, in these times when fear looks big? Or, even more, fear looks like frozen? Having tools to pull out of your knapsack of life lessons is the bonus for all that you have gone through. Draw on them. Take a page from Marie Kondo and put all your tools on the bed and really look at and appreciate them. Put them back, folding them in your mind, so that you can easily see them all. Then choose the one that will best serve you to move forward in your life.

You Have This.

Finally, very little happens by accident or chance. I’m not saying “nothing”, just very little happens accidentally. Which means you, your attitude, your choices, all play a part in the vitality of your life. I have attached a worksheet, that might help you remind yourself, where to focus your energy. Energy is precious. And, honestly, what could be more important than recognizing your power? The power of self awareness and of clarity about your vision. Then use your tools, I might say gifts, that life has bestowed upon you to move in the direction of your dreams.

Time, like energy, is a precious commodity also. No one has an infinite supply to squander or fritter away. So, honor your life and use your time to craft the story that you want to experience. Choose who you want to be and explore what you want for your precious time on this earth. Be bold, be conscious, and grow.

Your Turn...

I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

  • What is one important “why”?
  • Name a strength you are carrying in your knapsack:

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