Have you ever felt like you are stuck? With no alternatives feeling like you’re trapped on a “no exit” highway with no turnarounds? This is the classic story of disempowerment.

Personal Empowerment is possible

What if your choices and your mindset could empower you instead? Well, that is absolutely possible. I think you have the power to shift stories and rewrite your internal narrative. I also think that you will be stronger as a result of the experience you find yourself in, more especially the difficult and painful ones. It’s only by walking through the shit storm that we have clarity about what we do and do not want in our lives.

Your mind believes everything you tell it.
Fill it with Possibilities.
Fill it with Creativity.
Fill it with Love.

In my mind, the quote is about conscious awareness of our choices. Will I fill my mind with fear or do I fill it with love? Do I believe the world is a fixed and overwhelming place or do I shift my attention and focus where I can make a difference? These are all options in the Pu Pu platter of life. And, as with most things, the more aware you are, the more consciously you are curious, the more wisely you are able to decide.

In a world filled with many alternatives, doors opening, and closing, it’s important to begin to notice where your options are. To become conscious of what you are choosing or not choosing, as both are ours to decide upon and move forward with.

When people tell me,I have no choices!” I’m always surprised by that story. I think what people are really saying is that “I don’t have any choices I like!” And, that can feel terrible, horrible, and awful. What if you shift your focus to what you do have control over? Such as, what you think, what you say, and what you do, what would that open up for you?

Stuck happens.

We often find ourselves looking at our preferences and not seeing them in the events that are occurring. We can absolutely be presented with many options that suck and are beyond our ability to change. And, because it is our life, we are still required to make difficult decisions. Even when the options are between things we dislike intensely.

“You are at choice in your life. And, your willingness to focus on your thinking, your attitudes, and the stories you’re spinning, is where your power lives.”


3 Ways Conscious Choices Empower Us

  1. Learn to recognize where your power resides and embrace it
  2. Look through the fear, get clarity through curiosity, and look for meaning and options
  3. Stop seeing yourself as a victim, see yourself as a navigator on an adventure.

It sucks when we have to decide between several unwanted options. And I also know that I’ve learned more about myself as a result of muddling through these obstacles and plot twists in my own story. Being conscious of what I am making choices about has offered me the opportunity to get clarity, courage, and empathy for others.

I prefer to see my life as “choice” full. What I say, think, and do, my attitude, my mindset, my openness to possibilities, all come from the decision to see what all is available and to see my choices as opportunities.


Your Turn...

I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

  • What mindset do you want to expand?
  • How will that mindset support you to be more empowered?
Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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