In this episode of StoryJacker, Lyssa Danehy deHart interviews adventurer, visual artist, University Professor, and photographer Daniel Peebles.  Dan discusses the early influences of his narrative style, reading the Dirty Realists and their exploration of the individual perspective of life in an ambiguous world.  He also shares how he has been able to create a powerful personal voice, in a world filled with photographic images.  His Narrative Photography is part personal exploration part expanded human exploration.

Along the way, Dan got curious about his own life and when it got too painful, he learned to inquire into the stories he was telling himself.

At what point are you ready to make a change?  At what point are you willing to investigate why you are reacting and responding to life the way you are?  And, what can you do with the awareness once you’ve started to get curious?

Dan talks about his very personal journey, the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that he had to question in order to grow as a person and as an artist.  Diving in deep to find his authentic self.

If you are an artist trying to find your own unique voice is a world filled with imagery, maybe it’s time to explore yourself a bit.  And, please go and check out Dan’s storied images at his website, if you happen to find yourself in Albuquerque, New Mexico with some time on your hands, stop by Exhibit 208 Gallery to see his work in person.

StoryJacker is a production of Lyssa deHart Coaching.  Host Lyssa deHart.  Recording and editing by Lyssa deHart.  Music from Logic Pro X Loops. copyright 2015