On this episode of StoryJacker, I had a lively conversation with Téa (pronounced Tay’ah) Silvestre of Story Bistro and the Luminaries Round Table, about how we solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can get curious about the stories of our businesses, whether it’s growing our business or changing our business direction altogether.

When we find ourselves working to create change in our lives it can feel scary. Sometimes it feels like the wrong fit because we are working hard on someone else’s vision, so how do you find the ideas that you’re excited about and light yourself on fire for your dreams?

We look at some powerful tools, like Proprioceptive Writing which is a method for exploring the mind through writing. Tea recommends the book Writing the Mind Alive, by Linda Metcalf.

Téa spent the last 20+ years working in Marketing, working first with the Corporate world, then Government, and then onto the national nonprofit organizations.  Finding herself feeling a bit less than satisfied she started her own business.

Through Story Bistro and the Luminaries Round Table, Téa is coaching, mentoring and teaching small biz clients.

What’s different here is the emphasis on storytelling (and the de-emphasis on traditional marketing stuff like benchmarks, conversion rates, and other sorts of comparisons).

She’s not saying those things aren’t sometimes important. She just isn’t interested in championing them. Instead, Téa discusses how we can begin to get curious about what it is that we really want to do and focus on a marketing direction that is authentic to who we are and what we want for our businesses.

In today’s conversation, Téa talks about finding your own voice, developing your passions, and developing your own authentic way to show up in the world. We discuss   getting curious about our motivations, listening to our internal conversations, and being aware of how we communicate our work.

Téa’s mission is to help you learn to tell your most engaging and authentic stories; by learning to listen to yourself, you can learn how to listen deeply to your audience and prospective customers; and how to put all of that together in a way that brings you more clients, more prosperity and more joy.

Check out her website at StoryBistro.

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