Coaching with the Power of Metaphors

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8 Sessions / 35 CCES!
Level 1 Certification Program that is designed to support your Coach Development as you tune your ears to listen for metaphors in your coaching conversations.

32 Core Competency CCEs
3 Resource Development!


  • Light up Your Client’s Mind
  • Learn to hold the coaching container with Ease and Artfulness.
  • Increase your Confidence as a Coach.
  • Provide many more “AHA’s” and Sustainable Changes.
Welcome to your opportunity to become a Power of Metaphor Coach
Playing with Metaphors in Coaching Conversations

What You Get.

  • Tune your ears to Metaphors to discover how the human mind communicates and perceives the world.
  • Become a better listener by learning how to create trust and safety quickly by being fully engaged in the coaching partnership.
  • Create sustainable shifts by learning how metaphors light up your clients’ brains and give you essential information that your clients are then empowered to explore and own.
  • Gain more confidence by developing ways to partner with your clients that demonstrate the ICF  competencies with ease and artfulness.
  • Become a Certified Power of Metaphor Practitioner & Coach.
  • Once you have completed the program, you may take free audits anytime.
  • And, 32 Core Competency
    3 Resource Development CCEs.

Navigating Coaching Conversations.

How often have you been in a coaching conversation and wondered, “was that useful?”

Spending energy thinking of the next question versus being fully present with the client in front of you?

Feeling like you enjoy metaphors but have no idea how to leverage them in the conversation?

Let’s look at what might open up when you tune your ears to the Power of Metaphors!

This course was truly a gift! Not only that I grew as a coach to better serve my clients, but I also grew as an individual. It expanded my knowledge of the neuroscience of language/metaphors and how they enhance our perception of the world. I notice metaphors so often after this course :) Making conversations a lot easier and interesting.
Gabriela Nitu, PCC

Papillon MCD Inc.

Do it!! This course will make you a better coach and better listener, and you will be part of an awesome network of like-minded coaches from whom you can learn. That’s been one of the most enjoyable parts of the course – the connections built with other talented coaches from literally all over the world. And that provides different perspectives on the readings and coaching examples Lyssa has put together for the course. It’s all learning!
Margo Myer, PCC

Margo Myer Coaching

Light Up: The Science of Coaching with Metaphors

Be a Better Coach

Mastery & Artistry

Light Up Your Client’s Minds

Be fully present with Your Clients

Feel Confident Coaching

Set Your Intention.

Have more FUN!

Dive into what is Meaningful

Explore what is Important

Offer More Value

Metaphors are
Idea Containers.

Use Lyssa’s deep understanding of neuroscience, the ICF Competencies, and 25+ years working with people on powerful goals, to support you. Tune your ears to hear your clients language and meaning, as you play with the Power of Metaphors in your coaching conversations.
Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, BCC author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life and the Reflective Coach, and Light Up. Lyssa is a Confidence Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Coaching Super-Vision Partner, ICF PCC Assessor, and coaching educator. Using her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and her knowledge of Neuroscience, Lyssa works with Professional Coaches to expand the capacity to partner with their clients. Exploring with them how they show up and hold the space for those with whom they work.

Lyssa is the creator of the Power of Metaphor Certification Program. Giving coaches new ways to tune their ears to hear the powerful metaphors. The goal is that coaches hear the metaphors their clients bring forward and discover how to leverage the important metaphors to create stronger agreements, build trust and safety, allow the client to lead, and ultimately evoke powerful embodied awareness.

ICF MCC Trainer for the Power of Metaphors

Lyssa deHart


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