Are you ready for leadership development & executive coaching? Then it’s time to develop the self-awareness necessary to becoming an agile leader. Growth mindset and steady confidence are key to showing up as a leader. Become the sort of leader most organizations are looking for. Learn how.

Discover the Power of Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Leadership is a skill that can be developed. In fact very few people are born embodying executive or leadership skills. Like any other skillset, you learn to be a leader. Executive coaching supports executives to transform professionally, personally, and to grow the toolbox required to take them to the next level leadership.

Leadership & Executive Coaching with Lyssa Helps You:

  • Increase emotional and social intelligence
  • Integrate internal integrity with external needs
  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Grow your executive presence
  • Manage people relationships effectively
  • Internalize a growth mindset
  • Refine communication skills
  • Boost credibility with peers and managers
  • Develop greater personal influence

Are you ready to take the next step in developing your career?

Gone are the days that a college education and a few years experience were enough. Today’s organizations require leaders who are innovative, agile, able to see projects through. Organizations are finding there is significant ROI for those leaders who lead with a high degree of social and emotional intelligence. 

For many, the evolution from employee, to manager, to leader requires both personal and leadership development. Increasing your self-awareness, understanding your impact, and becoming an expert on creating culture are all part of the evolution. And, to develop these skills takes self-confidence and the ability to learn.

Coaching helps you leverage your natural talents and grow all the other skills you need.

Begin to galvanize your teams to boldness and productivity!

I work with executives and leaders to develop personal awareness so they can become an agile leader. Able to navigate this VUCA environment with greater ease, while supporting their teams towards success. 

Through coaching and using one of the assessments that I am certified in, we can look at your goals, understand your personality character drivers, over and underused strengths, your blind spots, and tailor your coaching to support your growth and development. 

Leadership is a Mindset!

What I like most about the Tilt is that we are no longer looking at personality as a “fixed” state. Rather, we recognize that people have within them all the character strengths and capacity to learn how to agilely tilt into the most effective qualities as needed. This helps individuals and teams work at their most productive and innovative.

Great leaders must have strong people skills, thoughtful delegation, cast a compelling vision, manage through change, be systemic in their thinking, and have the follow-through to accomplish the goal. All this is part of a leadership mindset and it can be developed through executive and leadership coaching.

Developing these skills will give you that ability to nimbly navigate an ever-changing workplace landscape. 

What Executives are saying:

  • It takes time to slow down and be curious, yet I now have a much more agile team.
  • Learning to stop the Advice Monster has changed the culture in my organization.
  • I am not working as hard. I am trusting my people and they are rising to the occasion.
  • The process of self-reflection has improved me personally and my decision making.
  • I listen at a deeper level and we get past the surface, to the real issues faster.
  • Position power is one thing; now I have greater personal influence.
  • Much more confidence in my vision and ability to lead my team.
  • I can confidently have difficult conversations and get positive outcomes.

Lyssa’s Approach

Through executive coaching and leadership development: You and I will work together to personalize your program to you and your organizational needs:

Why Executive Coaching with Lyssa?

  1. Coaching has a Proven ROI; my clients get long term-sustainable results.
  2. We focus on tangible, trackable measures and results.
  3. Increase the positive impact on customer satisfaction and employee engagement.
  4. Get below the surface to what is driving behaviors.
  5. Core Values: Integrity ~ Growth Mindset ~ Service ~ Success