Some of the Things People are Saying:

Here are some of my favorite testimonials. 

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I have grown emotionally and psychologically as a result of working with Lyssa, and, even better, I have laughed while doing so. I have laughed at myself, at my situation, at my tendency to want to control the uncontrollable and to change the unchangeable. Lyssa has helped me bear and even thrive in a situation that can frequently leave me depleted.  I am grateful for her help, her expertise, and for being in my life.
Maureen C.


I loved working with Lyssa, because she helped me look at the stories I was telling myself. When she asked me to write down all the things I was saying to myself in my head, I could see that I was my biggest critic. I have had an opportunity to really look at my stories and decide if they are true.  Once I got curious, I was able to move forward and explore what I needed to do next.
Katherine G.


I have gotten so much from my work with Lyssa. What I needed was direction on my business goals, as well as completing a few personal goals. With coaching, I was able to really clarify my goals, have guidance in breaking the goals down into manageable chunks, and then working towards the ones that were important to me.  I felt listened to and it was extremely helpful to have another perspective to run my ideas through.
Jocelyn T.


One of the biggest unexpected bonuses of coaching is how I learned a new habit of ongoing self-assessment in my work and personal life.  It’s been a great process and a lot of very helpful changes have taken root in my life as a result of the time we spent collaborating.
Steve U.

Film Maker, Director, Producer