Executive and Leadership Development

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

Gone are the days that a college education and a few years experience were enough. Today’s organizations require leaders who are innovative, agile, able to see projects through and do it with a high degree of social intelligence. For many, the movement from an employee, to a manager, to a leader requires greater and greater personal development, awareness of your impact, and becoming a culture expert.

The need to learn to galvanize teams to boldness and productivity.

I work with executives and leaders to develop personal awareness so they can become an agile leader. Through coaching and using the Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor, we can look at your goals, understand your particular strengths, over and underused strengths, your blind spots, and tailor your coaching to support your growth and development.

What I like most about the Tilt is that we are no longer looking at personality as a “fixed” state, but rather, we are recognizing that people have within them all the character strengths and learning to agilely tilt into the most effective qualities helps individuals and teams work at their most productive and innovative.

A great leader must be able to have strong people skills, and be willing to gather information, cast a compelling vision and also have the follow-through to accomplish the goal. Developing your character strengths give you that ability to nimbly and agilely navigate an ever-changing workplace landscape.