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Are you ready to discover what it takes to have a healthy relationship?
Would you like to save time and not date a million people?
Do you want to find love? Then read on…

Craft Your Love Story: A Dating Game Plan

This is Self Paced Dating Program

  • Go at your own speed. 
  • Will be available in February 2019 as a Beta Test – Take the Class for FREE – Read the CYLS Honor Agreement. 🙂 We look forward to your help.
  • You will get the full Craft Your Love Story Workbook, Video Training, Plus, a weekly call to ask questions and explore what your learning.
  • Led by: Lyssa deHart, LICSW, Happy Wife + Relationship Expert + Master Certified Coach

Stop Wasting Time, Dodge Heartbreak, and Get a Dating Game Plan

Why is Dating so hard?

  1. You have a “Deal Breaker” list and you zealously control/alt/delete anyone who doesn’t fill every checkbox.
  2. There is a pattern to your partners and you end up disappointed.
  3. Chemistry is your main indicator and your primary compass.
  4. Quick to jump into love and slow to jump out when it’s not working.
  5. You’ve been hanging out waiting for someone to find you and fall in love with all your wonderfulness.
  6. Flirting and still asking questions that tell you something important, isn’t easy.
  7. The picture you have in your head never seems to match reality.
  8. There is a level of energy that is hard to expand when you don’t feel like anything is working.
  9. You don’t feel like there are many good options, so you’ve given up a little.
  10. When you consider what constitutes a good partner it’s murky, so you dating anyone with a heartbeat.
  11. For all you’re talking about wanting a relationship, you’ve left no room in your life to go out and find one.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, you are not alone!

Over 2 years I went on 181 dates with Bankers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers. In that time I was fortunate to meet the love of my life, Mr. Lucky 181. Honestly, I’m the lucky one, but it sounds better on him. We met through a personal ad, old school. Navigating the terrain of getting to know each other, we found shared core values. This helped us through every possible plot twist that might show up, infertility, both our mom’s living with us, broken legs, moving across the country, 7-year itches, and the whole spectrum of life with another person.

Pushing past my patterns of attraction, bad boys who didn’t want commitment, I focused on what I needed in a healthy relationship. There were few role models in my family, so I had to get clear about who I was attracting and attracted too. It took rewriting my own narrative about who I was, my worth, and my boundaries. Not just recognizing red flags, but using them to help determine what type of partner I wanted. With these insights, I strategically set out to either find him or, at the very least, myself. Lucky for me, I found both.

Ready to get curious, develop awareness, break some old patterns, and gather a dating toolkit?
Then do yourself a favor and grab your compass and your map, it’s time for your dating adventure to begin.

10 Module Self Paced Program

Learn to navigate the Dating Landscape

  • Discover your essence – Know Yourself First
  • Explore Agreements and how to have a Healthy Relationship.
  • Gain Massive Clarity on the Signs of a Jerk.
  • Tune Your BS Detector.
  • Recognize Your Reincarnated Patterns.
  • Flirting with Purpose, Learn to Ask Anything.
  • Clarify for yourself the intersection of Chemistry and Common Sense.
  • Explore how Family Dynamics impact relationships.
  • Make the Mindset Shift: from “Do You Like Me?” to “Do I Like You?”
  • Hate Dating – StoryJack that one!
  • Create a Dating Funnel and Learn how to Protect Yourself from Heartbreak.
  • This is Your Chance to Fill Your Toolbox with Practical Skills and Insights.
  • And so much more!
Michael Loves Lyssa, Lyssa Loves Michael
Find Love



What Possibilities Are You Ready to Craft into Your Love Story?

+ What will be possible for YOU if you felt CONFIDENT in dating?
+ Can you imagine how exciting it would feel to have a sense of who you are looking for to build a life?
+ Plus a game plan to quickly assess if you’ve found a good fit?
+ If you felt dating was an adventure, instead of a drudge, how might that change your search?
+ And, what if you found your very own, Happily Ever After?

I want you to find the love of your life. To have the experience of trust and deep intimacy. For you to find a love to last a lifetime. One that provides a safe place for you and a partner to grow together and become the best of friends. Crafting a Love Story that can withstand the Plot Twists of Life.

And I want you to have it sooner rather than later because you’re wasting time and energy trying to fit square blocks into round holes.

This is the BEST GIFT you can GIVE yourself this year.

Will you craft your best shot at starting 2019 off on the right dating foot, so to speak. Don’t delay. 

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You’ll be happy you did. And, your future self will thank you too!

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