Develop Your  Coaching Mastery  and  Confidence


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The coaching market is a very populated place. What sets you and your coaching apart from every other “coach” out in the world?

More than ever the credibility of professional coaches requires alignment with a set of competencies that demonstrate coaching, as opposed to counseling, consulting, or teaching.

To develop your skill set, so that you are not coaching to a checklist of questions, but rather deepening your ability to weave the competencies through your coaching to offer your clients the transformational experience that is available when we support people to generate their wisdom from inside of themselves. Believing that each of our clients is whole, capable, resourceful, and creative.

Adherence to the ICF Core Coaching Competencies (CCCs) gives a powerful framework for staying in the coaching role. Learning to artfully weave the competencies through the coaching conversation.

Ultimately, the benefit of mentor coaching is to increase your coaching confidence, your professional credibility as a coach, and your ability to continue to deepen and grow your coaching competency. What we attend to in our growth edge, is what we manifest in our coaching.