Very simply Lyssa Danehy deHart has written a helpful book that supports getting curious and changing your relationship to your stories. If you are ready to make important transformations in your personal narrative, your life, then StoryJacking is a method through the madness!

Jeff Barnes

Author of, The Wisdom of Walt

Inspired pragmatism weaves throughout this delightful book of gems for anyone seeking to realize and maximize personal potential. Lyssa’s easy vulnerability and naked revelations about how every person’s life unfolds is shared through her unique story that is at once our universal story of being human.

Janet Harvey, MA, MCC


Do you feel stuck and wish you were living in another story? You know the one, the story filled with happy relationships, where you love your career and have a sense of purpose as you make a life filled with meaning!

What stories are you telling yourself?
StoryJacking is a seven-step guide that offers a practical road map to your personal power. It is your doorway into profound self-awareness and the fundamental truth: You are whole, capable, resourceful, and creative. By getting curious, you can shift your brain from fear into learning and create the life you want.

A refreshingly creative debut that focuses on taking control of one’s life. Life coach deHart lays out a contemporary method for achieving “self-awareness and self-mastery”; she calls it “StoryJacking,” a clever term that might suggest elevating one’s own life story or, potentially, “hijacking” one’s thinking to shift “internal dialogue.”… deHart’s breezy style and natural storytelling skills keep things moving along. Heady, insightful content packaged in a non-threatening engaging manner; includes ample opportunity for the dedicated reader to consider life-altering directions.

Kirkus Reviews

Five Stars! The vast majority of people are discontented in their life in some way. This isn’t some statistic I can quote; it’s just a part of the human condition. The author laid out her idea, StoryJacking, in plain, simple language and her friendly, conversational style kept me engaged throughout. The basic idea is that viewing our life as a story gives us more power over it than if we view it as a series of random events. We need to see ourselves as the authors of our tales rather than as passive, powerless bystanders.

Manhattan Book Review

Five Stars! It is not every day that I can say a book affected my life in a way that was profound, impactful, and inspirational the way Lyssa Danehy deHart’s did. But the truth of the matter is everyone needs to get storyjacked. While maintaining sensitivity, Lyssa is brutally honest and raw. She does not sugarcoat things in a complex labyrinth of words but instead tells you the way it is. Think of her as your personal life coach, screaming, telling, and talking to you in a way to help you understand that we all have a purpose, a story to be told. StoryJacking is a cornucopia of raw, brutal honesty, wisdom, humor, and life lessons. StoryJacking is a book that doesn’t end. It is a book that continues to gift readers like myself wisdom, integrity, and strength. So, are you ready to get storyjacked?

San Francisco Book Review

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