Lyssa deHart, MSW, PCC, CMC

Narrative & Transformational Coach, ICF Certified Mentor Coach, and Author of StoryJacking: Change Your Inner Dialogue, Transform Your Life. 

Are you ready to boldly transform your life? Your business? Your team or organization?
Have you decided to take a leap? Leaving one path behind to branch out and do something you’ve always dreamed of doing?
Do you ever feel stuck and wish you were living in another story?  You know the one, the story filled with happy relationships, where you love your career and have a sense of purpose. The one where you are making a life filled with meaning!

I coach individuals, organizations, teams and small businesses who are somewhere on the transformational journey and ready to grow. You could be at the beginning, or you have already made your transformation and need a Coaching tune-up.

I work from a Narrative and Transformational Coaching model. I want you to achieve your goals. The coaching centers not only on your goals, but also the stories that align with your goals and your relationship with those stories. Goals are dreams that need support to manifest. Dreams are unrealized stories. What is at risk if your limiting stories stop you from reaching your dreams? What will you regret?

I have 20+ years of experience as a Coach and Therapist. I received a Masters in Social Work in 1995. I worked with the State of New Mexico and with the US Air Force for the next ten years before founding Creative Human Solutions in 2004. I have been a full-time entrepreneur since 2005.

I received my initial coach training with David Rock’s NeuroLeadership Coaching Program in 2008. I have continued my training with inviteCHANGE and the Mindfulness Coaching School. I now work with inviteCHANGE as a Mentor Coach, Coach Advisor, and Course Leader.

I have studied with The Gottman Institute, Divorce Busting, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People/Families.

I am a certified in the Hogan Assessment Tool, Tilt365, and EQi 2.0.
I specialize in supporting Individuals and Organizations to:

  • develop awareness
  • get curious
  • create a vision
  • develop a toolbox
  • find courage
  • navigate the plot twists
  • and, write a new story

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and the ICF Washington State Chapter President in 2017, Past President in 2018, and the ICFWA Virtual Learning Director 2016-2018.