Meet Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, BCC, Author, Podcast Host of the Coaching Studio, Certified Mentor Coach, Coach Development Trainer, and Coaching SuperVision Partner.

MCC Badge from ICF

LICSW, MCC, BCC, Author, Host of the Coaching Studio Podcast, Mentor Coach, Coaching SuperVision Partner, and Leadership Confidence & Whole Life Coach.

Hey there! I’m Lyssa

I wasn’t always an author, a Master Certified Coach, an Executive and Whole Life Coach, or even an ICF Certified Mentor Coach. At one point, I had a thriving therapy practice supporting hundreds of clients.

My work focused on individuals, couples, and families in the middle of big changes, in need of developing tools. As you can imagine, this work was rewarding. Yet, I found myself struggling with the view of mental health through the lens of the medical model. There was more to my clients’ health and happiness than a correct diagnosis. I wanted to support them to not only become more functional but to develop into the awesome people they were capable of becoming.

I wanted to help amazing people reach their goals!

In 2013, driven by a desire to put a plot twist into my own story, I closed my private practice and transformed into a professional development coach. This transformation shifted my perspective. Not only in how I saw myself but in the work I wanted to do. I took my belief in my clients’ ability to be wildly successful in manifesting their dreams and focused on learning to draw their wisdom out of them. You believe the powerful wisdom locked inside of yourself when you hear it. You resonate when you find the keys to your dreams.

When we stop evolving as human beings, we run the real risk of getting stuck—stuck in habits that no longer serve us. The thinking and behaviors that got you here must continue to evolve to get you to your next step.

As someone who spent 20+ years in a clinical setting, I can often see connections and patterns where my clients can’t. Each of us has difficulty seeing our blind spots. By having that external perspective, you can learn to interrupt your negative narratives and challenge the limits you might be putting on yourself.

Coaching holds the space to allow you to get radically curious safely and break the cycle of unhealthy or unproductive behaviors. This disruptive spark will enable you to personally and professionally develop the areas of your life that will support you finding success. Ultimately, my goal is that every client I have recovers the knowledge that they are whole, capable, resourceful, and creative. They can create a story worth living.

My work centers on helping you get curious and then get cracking.

In the past few years my work has shifted to primarily working with coaches as they grow and develop themselves. Maybe the goal is a credential, or maybe it is to be a better coach.

We explore what’s possible by lacing up our creative boots, packing your fundamental truths, and moving into uncharted territory. Most importantly, we get somewhere. And all the while, you heighten your self-awareness, develop the needed tools, lay claim to your future, as you confidently navigate the plot twists that inevitably come. This is your adventure, and you are the hero in your story. Isn’t it about time?

Rewriting your internal narrative is hard, glorious, courageous work, and you have a story to share.

The values you live by, the stories you tell yourself, and the ways you want to contribute and be counted in the world, all stem from your internal narratives. Your courage to develop yourself both personally and professionally, says worlds about you. One step at a time, you become a more courageous human being. And, this changes how you show up in every aspect of your life.

Personal Development Coaching Requires Me to Continue Growing

I’ve logged over 7,500 hours of professional coaching since I first launched as a life coach in 2008 (and this is in addition to the 20,000+ hours I logged as a Clinical Social Worker). All these hours of work with people gives me a very broad base of working with the human experience. Making the transition from Therapist to Coach is the most important rewrites I have accomplished in my life. My transformation gives me an unparalleled appreciation for the journey. My personal development has impacted my experience and impacts how I empower my clients to grow themselves.

In addition to my coaching practice, I’m always continuing my education and expanding my knowledge base.
  • Team Coaching Certified
  • Tilt 365, EQi 2.0, and Hogan Assessment Certified Coach
  • Certified EMDR Practitioner 2010-2020
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • NeuroLeadership/Results Coaching (ICF Accredited)
  • inviteCHANGE (ICF Accredited)
  • ICF PCC Marker Training
  • Certified ICF Mentor Coach for ACC, PCC, and MCC certification and renewals.

Want to find out how coaching development will support your growth? Below find a time to discuss mentor coaching, coaching supervision, or coach development training.

Lyssa uses Hogan Assessments as a optional part of Leadership and Executive Coaching
Team Agility Predictor
Tile 365 Certified True Tilt Profile