[Webinar] 3 Things You are Doing that Keep You Wasting Time, Heartbroken, and in Need of a Game Plan

Why is finding LOVE so hard?

Hi I’m Lyssa deHart

And, I’m inviting you to join this FREE Dating Webinar 3 Mistakes that Keep You: Wasting Time + Heartbroken & In Need of a Dating Game Plan.

Join me on Thursday, October 4, 2018, at 4 pm PST for this 1-hour webinar. (7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 3pm Mountain / 12am London / 9am Friday, Sydney Australia).

START Dating SMART – Are you ready to Craft Your Love Story?

In this webinar I will be sharing 3 Mistakes that You Are Making:

  • Ignoring the signs of a Jerk
  • Falling in love with Potential
  • Letting you Libido Lead
  • And, a few other tidbits that will help you Own Your Dating and Empower You!
I didn’t know, what I didn’t know. I was looking for a relationship and hadn’t taken the time to recognize my own patterns and habits and how they were impacting my relationship choices. Working with Lyssa, opened up so much clarity and insights into who I was being drawn to and why. After I got my game plan, I started dating with a lot more purpose.
J. Ross

I met Lyssa at the end of a particularly painful break up. I was certain that I was broken and unloveable. Working with Lyssa to change my story to myself, to dating, to what and who I was looking for, changed my entire mindset. I loved the shift from “Do You Like Me?” to “Do I like You?” It literally stopped all wasted time and I stopped feeling like I needed to turn myself into someone else, to find love. R. Anderson

Save Your Seat for the FREE Webinar 3 Dating Mistakes Your Making!

Your tomorrow self will thank your today self! Join this informative webinar and gain insights into what's going on with your dating.

You're in! We look forward to meeting you on the Webinar!

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