[Webinar] Playing with the Power of Metaphor

Do you feel like you are working harder than your clients?

Learn what metaphors and similes are and consider ways to artfully use them with your clients.

Begin noticing metaphors in your coaching conversations and recognize the power to explore meaning.

Metaphors are vivid doorways into who your clients are being, deeper beliefs, and can give you a powerful tool to get curious with greater ease.

Join me on Thursday, August 9, 2018, at 2 pm PST for this 1-hour webinar. (5pm Eastern / 4pm Central / 3pm Mountain / 10pm London / 7am Friday, Sydney). Earn 1 free Core Competency CCEU.

Let’s play with the power of Metaphors!

In this webinar I will be sharing:

  • The differences between Metaphors and Similes
  • Neuroscience + Metaphors
  • The power of using the Metaphors that your clients bring to your coaching conversations
  • Practice using actual client conversational prompts to begin to play with crafting powerful questions that get straight to the heart of your client’s concerns.
  • How to deepen awareness by using the Metaphors that your clients bring to your coaching conversations.
  • And, connecting the use of client Metaphors to competencies of Direct Communication, Active Listening, Awareness, Powerful Questioning, and Trust and Intimacy.
I specifically enjoyed the professionalism that Lyssa brought to the table. It is evident that she knows what she is doing as far as coaching and mentoring but she melded easily into my style of coaching so that I could be open to and incorporate her suggestions.
Lyssa demonstrated clearly how a mentor session should go and I benefited by seeing the ease in which our mentor/coaching agreement was accomplished, her insights as to what I wanted to work on were spot on and very helpful, also she had some extra stretches in places where I had not been aware. Overall, a fantastic experience.
Wendy Marshall, PCC

CEO and Coach, Master Pathfinder Coaching

I hired Lyssa Danehy deHart for 1-1 Mentored Coaching in order to complete my requirements for certification. While I expected the professionalism she is known for, she delighted me with her thorough understanding and DEPTH of the subject matter, as well as her ability to simultaneously illustrate by example and coach me in the objectives I outlined. She is skilled, experienced, delightful, adept, and talented. I highly recommend Lyssa as a Mentor Coach — or for coaching in general.

Jan L. Bowen

President and Professional Executive Coach, Strategic Solutions

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