The first stage in a relationship. The time in which two people meet socially to figure out compatibility.

The experience of deciding what we like about each other.
And, what we don’t like.

It’s a little like taking a leap of faith on another person.

So, how do you know when you’ve met someone you want to know better?

Human Beings
Need Connection.

This need for connection is normal. We all have this drive.

The desire to be known, to share intimacy, to experience the adventure. To show up and be seen.

We feel stronger and braver when we have a shared experience to support us.

When do you feel connected?

I didn’t know, what I didn’t know. I was looking for a relationship and hadn’t taken the time to recognize my own patterns and habits and how they were impacting my relationship choices. Working with Lyssa, opened up so much clarity and insights into who I was being drawn to and why. After I got my game plan, I started dating with a lot more purpose.
J. Ross

I met Lyssa at the end of a particularly painful break up. I was certain that I was broken and unloveable. Working with Lyssa to change my story to myself, to dating, to what and who I was looking for, changed my entire mindset. I loved the shift from “Do You Like Me?” to “Do I like You?” It literally stopped all wasted time and I stopped feeling like I needed to turn myself into someone else, to find love. R. Anderson

Navigating Relationships.

Would you set off on an adventure without some idea about where you are going?

Would you leave your home without the tools you need to succeed?

Would you do any research on what to expect when you arrive?

Yet, when it comes to choosing a partner, many people make a wish and a hope. Only to discover that the person they chose, wasn’t going where they wanted to go at all. In fact, maybe values, goals, and dreams were all different.

Why is this
so Hard?

Do you feel confident that you will meet someone you are compatible with?

Do you waffle back and forth between holding to your standards or lowering them?

Do you jump into relationships fast and then leave them slowly?

Have a
Game Plan.

What, besides chemistry, let’s you know you have met someone you want to get to know better?

How do you determine deeper shared values?

What relationship skills are important to you for a healthy relationship?

Relationship Expert.

Use my 25+ years of relationship coaching experience to support you.
I went out on 181 dates over 2 years. I met my husband, lucky Mr. 181. We have navigated life’s plot twists for 21 years. We have made it through infertility, sexual boredom, both our mom’s living with us, broken bones, end of life issues, and all the other facets that make up a full life. He is my partner, my co-creator in life, my lover, and my best friend. I would be privileged to support you in discovering the tools you need to find the love of your life. Lyssa deHart

LICSW, PCC, Happy Wife + Relationship Coach + Professional Coach

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