Humans are natural storytellers.

Yet we have the hardest time telling fact from fiction, especially when it comes to the stories we tell ourselves. Our daily narrative is scribbled in the priority of our to-do lists, the scenes we replay in our minds, and the internal dialogue that drowns out our full potential.

it’s time for a plot twist?

What if—instead of repeating the same mistakes or burying ourselves in excuses—we woke up to a narrative that describes us as the whole, capable, resourceful, and creative creatures we are? What could life be like if we open ourselves up to finding the right partner, becoming a better coach, and becoming the hero in our own story?

Narrative Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Certified ICF Coach Mentoring with Lyssa deHart


Your story—and your life—on your terms.

As your narrative coach, I give you the tools, the inspiration, and a gentle push to help you make your next chapter of life your best one yet.


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Give me 8 weeks, and I’ll help you define what you want, who you want, and how to make the most of a great fit when you find it.


Change lives with exceptional training.

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The first stage in a relationship. The time in which two people meet socially to figure out compatibility.

The experience of deciding what we like about each other. 

Are you ready for a Game Plan?

“My personal philosophy and the happiness and success of my clients comes down to the real possibilities in one question: What if you could rewrite your narrative and craft a life story that was the best story you ever told?”
Lyssa deHart, MSW, PCC, Author, StoryJacker & Certified Mentor Coach
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