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craft a story worth living.

Your story—and your life—on your terms.


As your coach, I give you the tools, the inspiration, and a gentle push to help you make your next chapter of life your best one yet. Individual coaching invites you to explore your limiting stories and create a clear vision about how you want to show up in your person and professional life.


Self Paced Course Coming Soon!

This self paced 10-module program is designed to help you define what you want, who you want, and how to make the most of a great fit when you find it.


Change lives with exceptional training.

Launch or boost your coaching credentials with ICF Mentor Coach Training by one of the most experienced coaches in the business. Navigate the PCC Markers.

“I am a collaborative truth teller and thought partner, who forms deep relationships that support my clients to grow past their limiting narratives so that they can excel at life, love, work, and craft a story worth living.”
Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, Author, StoryJacker & ICF Certified Mentor Coach

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