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Develop Your Confidence and Open Yourself to Possibility

I am a narrative coach who is passionate about making the world a better place by empowering people to become the best possible versions of themselves. Driven by a core belief that every person is whole, capable, resourceful, and creative, I use the stories that we tell ourselves to get curious about our values, biases, limiting stories and internal narratives.

I see the purpose of professional coaching as a means to increase your awareness about accomplishing your dreams. What will move you forward toward your goals with intention, bold curiosity, and inspire clarity about what’s most important to you? And, what needs to be explored to get you where you want to be?

We all have internal narratives that trigger our inner critic, reduce our confidence, or derail us from our goals. Coaching with me supports you to courageously challenge your unconscious assumptions and habitual behaviors. Professional coaching supports you in developing the awareness to make conscious choices that expand your influence in your personal and professional life.

You, starting with yourself, to bring your own brilliance to your life and I support you in crafting a story worth living.



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One of the biggest unexpected bonuses of coaching is how I learned a new habit of ongoing self-assessment in my work and personal life. It’s been a great process and a lot of very helpful changes have taken root in my life as a result of the time we spent collaborating. Steve U

I loved working with Lyssa, she is able to ask questions that help me look at the stories I am telling myself. I have an opportunity to then really look at if my story is even true. Once I get curious, I am able to move forward and explore what I need to do next. Katherine G.