Get ready to Confidently achieve your goals. Coaching with Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC can help you grow your leadership confidence and self-awareness through whole life coaching.

I’m Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC and I am a leadership confidence and whole life coach.

Self-awareness + Courage = Confident Action

Are you ready to manifest your goals?

Let's partner on your journey to self-awareness and confidence. Become confident in your life journey.

Are You Ready to be More Confident?

self-awareness and confidence

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Whole Life Coaching supports Confident Self-Awareness!

Are you interested in feeling more confident as you navigate your life?

Science is showing us that we are the stories that we tell ourselves. Your conscious awareness of your stories is the key. Fundamentally, your ability to confidently manifest dreams, create success, and experience joy is woven through the narrative and stories that you tell yourself. By the same token, you are equally impacted by your negative stories. You know the stories, the ones that keep you from feeling fully confident, secure, and empowered.

Coaching is an amazing tool for those on the journey to empowerment. It is for those looking to discover themselves and create a whole life that they love: career, relationships, life. People like you.

Isn’t it time for you to…

through self-awareness and confidence you can craft a story worth living

Increase your leadership confidence and expand your self-awareness with Whole Life Coach. Lyssa deHart is standing ready to help you improve your self-awareness and confidence. Mentor Coaching for ICF Coaches is also available.

Self-Awareness Leads to Confident Actions

Do you find yourself feeling stuck, lacking in self-confidence, or wrestling with big choices? Are you ready to speed up the process of change? Confidently moving forward with what is important to you?

Whole life coaching is a powerful tool to gain clarity, confirm your direction, and developing the plan to reach your goals. Let’s name and then manifest your dreams.

Coaching is a partnership between two people. When you enter a coaching relationship with me, we focus on your goals. You are the expert on you, and I am the expert on asking questions that support developing your awareness. Radical curiosity is the doorway into deeper self-awareness. Through the process of inquiry, you discover your strengths, as well as work through those things blocking your journey.

Are you ready to be more confident and self-aware? Let's do some Whole Life Coaching!

Please continue to explore the website and iscover how you can improve yourself. Self-awareness and confidence comes more quickly through executive and whole life coaching. Isn’t it time to craft a story worth living?