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I’m Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, BCC and I work with Coaches to expand their coaching confidence.
Mentor Coaching, Coaching Super-Vision, and Coach Development Programs are all ways I support coaches to grow.

Curiosity + Coaching Mindset = Confident Coaching

Are you ready to confidently grow yourself as a coach?

Let's partner on your journey to self-awareness and confidence. Become confident in your life journey.

Are You Ready to be More Confident in how you hold the container of a coaching conversation?

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ICF certified Mentor Coaching, Coaching Super-Vision, and Coach Development Training, +

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Coaching supports Confident Self-Awareness!

This begs the question, are you ready to do your work as a coach to support your clients’ self-awareness? Are you ready to listen actively so you can leverage your clients’ words and energy? Do you want to support your clients’ to get lasting results?

Science is showing us that we are the stories that we tell ourselves. Using your awareness of your client’s words and the energy in their stories is the key to listening actively. Fundamentally, your ability to confidently listen to your clients, build safety and trust, evoke awareness, and support them to grow, is what coaching is all about. Learn to leverage what your clients bring into the coaching conversation to develop more insight and ownership of their dreams. Get comfortable with being in full partnership with your clients.

Coaching is a fantastic tool for those on the journey to empowerment. Our clients deserve coaches who have an open, flexible, and growth mindset. If you are looking to expand your capacity to hold the space that allows your clients’ to create a whole life that they love: career, relationships, life. Then, isn’t it time for you to…

Become a professional coach who create sustainable changes

Increase your ability to hold safe spaces for your clients to grow


Increase your leadership confidence and expand your self-awareness with Whole Life Coach. Lyssa deHart is standing ready to help you improve your self-awareness and confidence. Mentor Coaching for ICF Coaches is also available.

Please continue to explore the website and iscover how you can improve yourself. Self-awareness and confidence comes more quickly through executive and whole life coaching. Isn’t it time to craft a story worth living?